My name is Jerry G. Foran. Born and raised in North Florida where fishing has
been apart of my life since the day I was born. I am very thankful to my Mother
and Father who were avid fishermen, not just for fun but to put a good meal on
the table. Nothing was finer than a mess of bream and catfish with all the fixin's
that my Mom would prepare. They taught me the pleasure, fun and excitement
of fishing for anything that would take my bait.
  As a young teenager, I went to Western Auto and put a Zebco 33 and rod on
layaway. I can't tell you how many soda pop bottles I refunded to pay for that
rod and reel. In my early twenties I got hooked on bass fishing with my
buddy Joe. We both had the newer Zebco 1. But it wasn't long before
we discovered that the Ambassadeur 5500C baitcaster was the way to bass fish.
We would go every chance we got, day or night.
  In the early 70's, I was inspired by my Uncle Jesse when he showed two
Ambassadeur 5500C's that he used to fish for bass on the Florida panhandle
rivers and lakes. He really knew how to bass fish! After that I purchased my first
5500C and 8183A rod. I was so impressed, and not to be outdone, that I bought
a second 5500C and 8183A rod. I have maintained these reels with regular
cleaning & replacing worn parts and still use them for bass fishing with my wife
Debbie using live shiners on Rodman Reservoir (Lake Oklawaha) in north central
Florida. Please take the time to visit the web site @ rodmanreservior.com.
One of the ten best bass lakes in Florida.
  I have to say that Deb is my #1 best fishing partner. She is ready to go on a
moments notice. It's no surprise to me that she likes to fish because her father
Lewis was an avid fisherman, deer hunter and outdoorsman. She got hooked when
she and her Dad would fish in his 10 acre farm pond in west Florida. He was proud
and somewhat surprised that his oldest daughter had finally learned the pleasure
and joy of fishing. She still has me beat for the biggest bass, a 10 pounder.
  A few years ago I started buying and collecting Classic Ambassadeur baitcasters
thru Ebay. I knew the quality of these reels so I would go after the more used and
abused ones. I didn't want them unless they needed a good cleaning and some
repair. I haven't acquired one yet that I couldn't breakdown, clean, replace worn
& broken parts and make into a very good fishing reel with a relatively small
amount of time and cost. They may not look pretty but they will work as good as
new. My collection consists of over 40 Ambassadeurs of various models.
  My passion now is to produce new, unused custom made Classic Style
Ambassadeurs reels. I have spent the last 2 years researching and developing
ways to produce a superior Ambassadeur baitcaster and building a web site to
offer them for sale. I am not out to make a living from selling reels, I just want to
have fun and have my hobby at least pay for itself.
  Try my Fish Chowder recipe. I haven't found anyone yet that didn't like it.
    And don't forget to visit rodmanreservoir.com.
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